What Are The Best Rituals And Spells To Sell Your House Quickly?

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You can use rituals and spells if you need to sell your house quickly. These rituals and spells can help send out positive affirmations that will aid in the sale.

Are you ready to sell your house? Are you having trouble selling your house, buyers are not lining up to make you an offer? Well, by following the tips in this guide, not only will get your house on the market faster, but you will also be able to sell it quicker.


It is always best to prepare the space before you begin any rituals or spell work. Begin to prepare for the sale of your house after the full moon when the moon is waning.

The purpose of this preparation ritual is to remove any obstacles or negative energies that is preventing you from selling and letting go of the house.

Go through the house and thoroughly scrub and wash the house from the top level to the bottom level. You can use Chinese Wash to wash the floors.

After scrubbing the house, you should then do a cleansing.

Floor & Bath Wash Good Luck
Floor & Bath Wash Good Luck

It is common for homeowners to form attachments or cords to their houses. While most of the time these attachments are positive, people can also have negative attachments to property. If you are having difficulties selling your house, a negative attachment may be preventing you from moving forward to the next part of your life journey.

Also, consider that the difficulties you are having selling your house is simply because it is not the right time for you to sell the house. Divine timing is an important aspect in everyone’s lives, and you may have to wait until it is time for the house to be sold.

You can always set your intent by asking your spirit guides, deities, ancestors, Angels, etc. to help you for the greater good. Always ask whom you have aligned your spiritual beliefs to.

Take a black candle, light it and while you are lighting it ask for all obstacles to be removed so you can sell your house. Also, ask for all attachments between you and the house to be severed.

Light the candle over a period of 3 days and be sure to burn it at least 2 hours each day.

Whenever you look at the candle, you can reaffirm with your spirit guides that you have intentions to sell the house.

You can also write your request on parchment paper or a brown paper bag and burn the paper each day before putting the candle out.

Saint Joseph’s Spell

This spell should be performed during a new moon. It can also be done during any moon phase before the full moon.

St. Joseph is the Saint of children and the home. Get an image of St. Joseph and bury the image by the front door of the house. Make sure that the image is facing down when you bury it.

Once you have buried the image paper, you can burn a green candle while saying:

“Dear St. Joseph, bless with a sale for my house that will fair and quick. I also ask for help from (spirit guides, Angels, ancestors, etc.) to please bring a sale that is the best for me (us)”.

The above petition/prayer is just an example. You can create your own.

Repeat this prayer and candle lighting for 3 days. When you put the candle out, be sure to thank St. Joseph and the other spirit guides you have called upon.


Remember the argument you had the other week with your spouse? Did you have a bad day at work and came home feeling stressed out? Those hurt feelings and stress can translate to energy that you do not want to be around you and in your house.

Smudging is a common Native American ritual, but it is practiced in other types of spirituality as well. You can burn white sage and cedar together or separately while saying a prayer or petition for all of the negative energy to be removed.

Then, ask for positive energy to enter into the house. This ritual helps to remove all of the unwanted emotions that you may be oblivious to, but potential homebuyers can feel.

Be sure to allow the smoke from the leaves to enter every nook and cranny of your home including closets and crawlspaces. After you have finished, open the front door to allow the negativity and smoke to leave the house. Safely discard of the leaves.

So, when you are ready to let go, use these rituals and spells to help you sell your house faster. The price will be fair and the perfect buyer will show up at the perfect time.

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