Tips On Using Spiritual Incense For Various Purposes

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Natural resins, herbs, and gums have for centuries been burned in the form of incense for their odor-masking, fragrancing, medicinal, healing, and spiritual properties.

Incense is often burned during prayer time, meditation, and general reflection. Certain types of spiritual incense are also used to clear and cleanse the air in order to make spaces sacred.

When burned, woods and natural herbs are believed to purify spaces, attract positive energies, and ward off evil and negative energy. There are specific botanicals when burned that work well with meditation as they bring about meditative states and assist with calming and relaxing the mind.

Most of the incense types that are used for spiritual applications or purposes are made up of resins like Myrrh and Frankincense, woods and/or herbs like Palo Santo or Sandalwood that are loosely burned over coals. In some cases, these mixtures are combined with ingredients that are naturally combustible such as Makko powder.

Today, many of the incenses that are sold online or in stores come in powders, cones, or sticks that are mainly made of fragranced oils and synthetic ingredients. The majority of the Japanese incense is only made using natural woods and herbs, like sandalwood and aloeswood.

From improving your luck to amplifying the effectiveness of a spell, to clearing negative energies, the spiritual uses associated with incense is varied and long. For hundreds of years, people have relied on the heady pungent smoke to assist their ceremonies and rituals. There are many incense types available today and each comes with its own properties and a specific aroma.

Here are some of the popular spiritual incenses along with what you can use them for:

Powerful Indian Incense Sticks Cinnamon
Powerful Indian Incense Sticks Cinnamon

1. Caridad Del Cobre

You can burn Caridad Del Cobre incense to request the “virgin of miraculous help”. This is a type of spiritual incense that can be used in a dire time where all else might have failed.

2. Divino Nino

This is an incense that is commonly used to bless children and to help to keep a mind clear from negativity. It can also be used to usher faith back into your life.

3. Frankincense

This is a scent that promotes tranquility and peace. You can use Frankincense to relieve anxiety and stress. This is also a handy tool to assist with re-establishing a broken friendship, to resolve an argument or bring a resolution to one of your enemies. It is suggested to burn Frankincense in quite times in order to receive protection from evil spirits and negative people.

4. Guardian Angel

Burning Guardian Angel incense sticks will offer you protection from evil or harm. You are never alone when you have your guardian angel closeby. Call upon your angel when burning one of these incense sticks.

5. Musk

You can use Musk incense to restore balance and order, create a protective barrier, remove a negative influence, or to realign your energies. Musk is linked to the underworld, the afterlife, and death.

6. Myrrh

Myrrh is classified as a spiritual incense of exorcism and purification. Burn this incense in quiet times to offer you protection from evil energies or spirits. It is important to be clear about your intentions when burning Myrrh.

indio incense powder attraction
indio incense powder attraction

7. Patchouli

This is an incense that is better known for helping to relieve symptoms that are linked with fatigue, muscle soreness, anxiety, and depression. You can also use it for uplifting your spirits and energizing your soul. Burn patchouli incense sticks to calm both your spiritual life and your soul.

8. Saint Jude

This is a patron saint linked with impossible cases, he helps to create a miracle to people who need his help. He favors those in need, grants what may seem impossible, and offers a cure to the incurable. When you feel like every other avenue is closed, burn a Saint Jude incense stick and ask him for his help.

Burning incense regularly can help you to create a ritual that you can use for cleansing, relaxing, and purifying your energy and more importantly, your thoughts. The magical properties and specific spiritual meanings linked to each type of incense can assist you in focusing your mind when it comes to achieving one or more specific goals in your life.

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