Use A Cocktail Candle To Win Your Love This Valentines Day

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Every year when Valentine’s Day comes around our thoughts naturally turn to love and romance. Along with gifts of roses, wine, and romantic music, nothing is more seductive than the soft glow of flickering candlelight. Why not use the romantic allure of the those little flames to ignite the fires of amour in your loved one this year.

There is nothing like candlelight to set the scene for romance. Like any other aphrodisiac, scented candles can fuel passion in more than one way. Exotic scents can stimulate the senses and inspire fantasies of romantic encounters in mysterious places. Dim candlelight causes the pupils of the eyes to dilate, replicating the all-important signal that someone finds you attractive. Although dilated pupils are more biological than romantic, it is easy to see why candles have become so firmly linked with feelings of attraction and love.

How to Use a Cocktail Candle to Win Your Love

Humans are super-sensitive to smells and react to certain fragrances which is why scents can make candlelight even more seductive. A cocktail scented candle is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that will appeal to your loved one’s senses but you can also use these candles to create a setting that will declare your romantic intentions without having to say a word.

What Makes Candle Light So Romantic?

Scented Cocktail Candle Love Honey - Yellow & Red
Scented Cocktail Candle Love Honey – Yellow & Red

• It’s all in the eyes! When a person finds someone he or she is attracted to, their pupils dilate as a subconscious signal that they fancy you as a partner. Dim lighting causes the same effect so dim the lights and light a candle on Valentine’s Day to create an intimate atmosphere.

• Candlelight doesn’t travel far so when you share candlelit space with your loved one you create your own intimate little illusion within the small pool of light cast by the flame of the candle. That is why a candlelit dinner is the ultimate in a romantic night out.

• The gentle glow from a candle is flattering and reassuring. No-one likes to be exposed to the glare of bright lights so candlelight has the added benefit of shutting out all the unromantic trappings and making us feel beautiful and special.

• With a cocktail scented candle, you can add a little spice to the occasion. It is a decidedly grown-up fragrance that evokes memories of good times, especially for someone who enjoys a drink.

A Superb Collection of Cocktail Candles to Win Your Love

• Pina Colada cocktail candles have a fruity punch aroma with notes of coconut and pineapple reminiscent of the tropical islands. This is the perfect cocktail candle for someone who loves exotic drinks.

• Margarita cocktail candles come in the shape of a glass of Margarita topped with gel wax and fake ice cubes that look real. Choose your color and scent and you can even add a personalized note or have the lid of the container inscribed with a special message. Long burning soy wax ensures they will burn the whole night and the essential oil fragrance will infuse the whole room with its beautiful aroma.

• Old-Fashioned Cocktail Candles are warm and seductive. Old Fashioned is the first documented cocktail in the United States detailed in 1806 as a potent concoction of whiskey, water, bitters, and sugar. It also has top notes of orange and ginger, middle notes of Cedar, and base notes of Amber. Placed in a secluded corner it will give off a subtle to catch an occasional glance between the two of you for a brief moment that somehow lets you know that you were meant for each other.

Candle Cocktail Come To Me
Candle Cocktail Come To Me

• Hazelnut or Espresso Martini cocktail scented gel candles make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Nutty and spiced with the aroma of freshly brewed Arabica coffee beans it is a fusion of indulgent notes that include vanilla, hazelnuts, and a touch of coconut.

• Gin Cocktail Candles come in a choice of scents like Gin & Tonic, Gin & Orange, Gin & Lemon, Gin & Raspberry and even Gin & Rhubarb. The use of quality essential oils with undertones of juniper ensures that the aroma lasts for hours. These soy candles with a gin fragrance are hand-poured into stylish aluminum tin containers with personalized labels.

• Miel de Amour Cocktail Candles by Botanical St. Michael are infused with powers to keep your lover true or bring a lover closer to you. Beautifully packaged with stunning images on the label, this the perfect gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift or for candles to complete the décor to enhance the atmosphere, cocktail candles are the ideal solution.

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