Cleansing Your House Of Negative Energy – Some Hints And Tips

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Every now and them homeowners will undertake ‘Spring Cleaning’. That doesn’t necessarily happen as the weather starts to warm up, in fact it could be any time of year. The point of the exercise is to remove the clutter which builds up in every home. It improves the energy of the home and can lead to improved mood. However, why stop there? The negative energy that builds up in the home may need to be cleansed every now and again. That process as positive effects on mood and can make the home more welcoming and simply a better place to live.

The time to cleanse your home of negative energy can include when there has been an illness in the home, a change for the worse in relationship status or simply when those in the home are experiencing that ‘down’ feeling that can so easily be caused by the stresses and strains of modern living.

But how does the homeowner go about this process?

Here are some great hints and tips to ensure a brighter home space – and one where all who live in it feel more energized and positive.

The first step should be visualization. Speak out loud about your intentions for the home. It could be a longing for a more creative space or harmony between those who live within its walls.

One of the most popular ways to cleanse the home of negative energy is through the use of herbs. Burning Sage has long been associated with the energy cleansing process. The sage need not be tied up in a bundle – as was traditional. Get a fireproof container, light the Sage and carry the container from room to room. The Sage will continue to smolder.

Indio Peaceful Home Oil
Indio Peaceful Home Oil

The use of salt for cleansing of energy also has a long history. It can be tremendously effective and need not be complicated to use. One of the most popular modern ways to use salt is to simply use a mixture of salt and water in a demister and spray a fine mist into each room of the home. The homeowner can also place a fine line of salt at the entrance to the home – this stops negative energy from entering. The use of a salt solution for the cleaning of surfaces is also popular, as is the use of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Many modern cleaning products have a fresh lemony scent. It has been found that the odor of lemon uplifts the spirit. However, these modern products use chemicals to get the lemony fresh effect. There are ways to use the natural product – which will be much more effective. One of the easiest ways is to fill small bowls with lemon slices and position those around the house. Another approach is to again employ a diffuser and add lemon essential oil to the mix.

Indio Incense Powder Peaceful Home
Indio Incense Powder Peaceful Home

The power of plants (and their odor) can also help fill the house with positive energy. Sage, frankincense and lavender essential oils used in a diffuser are great. For a simple approach fill a spray bottle with distilled water and Witch Haze’ Add a healthy dose of the essential oil of your choice and again move from room to room spraying as you go. However, be aware that some essential oils can damage varnished surfaces and fabrics. Alternatively, fill vases with plants such as aloe vera and peace lilies and place them in all the rooms of the home.

With some easy steps, you can restore the positive energy to your home. So, next time you are considering Spring Cleaning why not take that extra step and make sure that your home is also clean of negative energy. All those who call it home will feel more positive and creative. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, but can pay enormous dividends.

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  • I love this article today is my day .am cleaning up my home new month new believe. Too many things happen to my husband this month is a new start. May God bless us All

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