Rituals That Bring More Money Into Your Business

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You have created a business plan and are ready to be a success. The only problem is that you are not getting the customers you need to bring in money. To give your business the extra boost it needs, there are some rituals you can try to bring more money into your business. Of course, not all rituals will work and they need to be without harming others.

Getting Rid Of The Bad Energy

The first ritual you should use needs to ensure your business space is one that people enjoy visiting. If your business is just you in your home office, the business space needs to be a place you are happy in. To achieve this, you need to get rid of the negative and bad energy that is hampering your business.

There are many rituals you can try for this including smudging. You will need to burn bay leaves, sage or frankincense and myrrh incense in the business space. This will purify it and release the bad energy that is being stored there. You can also sprinkle powdered eggshells in the four corners of the space to release the bad energy.

Keep The Energy Fresh

To have a successful business, you need money to come in at a regular pace. While one sale can help, it is not going to make you successful or keep your business open. This is why you have to keep the energy fresh in your business space.

One of the rituals you can use for this is to sprinkle basil tea around the workplace. You need fresh basil leaves that you brew into a simple tea. Allow the tea to cool a bit before you sprinkle the liquid around the workplace. There is no right or wrong way to sprinkle the tea, but you need to envision it drawing money to your business.

Another ritual you can use is to create and burn cinnamon incense. You need to combine cinnamon and benzoin then burn it in the workplace. The smoke from the incense will clean the energy and refresh your business.

Use Prosperity Knots

Prosperity knots have been used to generate more business for centuries. They are easy to use and you will not have to burn any incense. However, this ritual is best conducted on the night of a full moon.

To complete this ritual, you need to have a 13-inch green cord and two candles of the right color for prosperity. This will generally be green or gold. On the night of the full moon, light the candles in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

You should then focus on what you want the ritual to bring such as more customers and more money into your business. As you think about this, you need to tie nine knots into the cord starting on one end than the other end. The third knot will be in the middle then the middle of the first hand and the middle of the second half. This will be repeated until all nine knots have been tied.

For the ritual to work, you need to keep the cord in your place or business. If you have a physical store, you can keep it in the register. If you work from home, you should keep it on your desk and close to your computer.

There are many rituals you can use to bring more money into your business. However, not all of them will work and you have to use them with an open mind and good energy. Mediating before you use the ritual is a good idea as it centers you and allows the ritual to flow better.

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