How To Manage Your Anxiety And Stress Levels In COVID-19 Lockdown

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Covid-19 has made so many things come to a halt- businesses, schools name it! It has increased the stress levels of many, especially the adults. Kids do not know so much about what is going on and how serious it is. People are now living hand to mouth, unlike earlier on. However, people who had been saving money, have something to keep them going. The only problem at hand is the fact that no one knows how long this pandemic is going to last. Hence everyone has to be cautious with how they spend their money. The fact that people are restricted to their houses is making them depend on substances such as drugs or alcohol, not forgetting the use of phones as well as gaming is on the rise. The previously mentioned things serve as a distraction to many. Behavioural addictions tend to affect the neurotransmitter system of the brain. Hence the body releases the happy hormone. In turn, this hormone will make the body always want to engage in the same activity or use the substance one was using for one to feel like they are okay. The points that follow show how you can deal with stress and anxiety at the moment.

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Have you had any issues with your body weight before? This is the time to work on those muscles! If you are more than okay with your body does not mean that you cannot work out. Break a sweat too! Try out Zumba workouts or even the general body exercises on YouTube or any that you know of. The good thing is that online coaches are guiding you on what to do, what to eat as well as how frequently it should be done. Exercises are so effective when it comes to cutting out stress. It also helps you to be in good moods because feel-good hormones are produced, and that is the goal here. These hormones include endorphins. In the process, exercises stimulate the neurotransmitter system, which intensifies moods. Besides keeping you in good spirits, they also boost your mental health in the long term. This is because it decreases the activity of the HPA axis in regards to psychologically stressful stimuli. If you work out for a long duration, the nerve cells in your body called neurogenesis grow hence enhancing your moods too. You do not have to go to the gym so that you can transform your body. Make do of all the equipment you have plus not all workouts require gym equipment- for example, push-ups.
Consume A Healthy Diet.

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No one can dare judge you if you find comfort in food during a pandemic. It is okay and very much understandable because food is all you got. If you are someone who loved to go out to restaurants, you will find yourself in this category. However, you have to cut the cycle of always going to the fridge to grab junk. It is not easy, but you have to try. Can you imagine the effect after this pandemic is over? Always make sure that all the actions you take reflect on the future. You cannot consume excess foods because you will go to the gym after all this is over. The damage will be already done. You are better than that, and you know it!
Anxiety and depression can exacerbate due to poor dietary habits that include eating lots of carbohydrates in any form. Since you are always either on the couch or the bed, there is no energy expenditure. It is best if you adjust the calories intake in your diet if you want to alleviate unwanted gains in body fat. Consume fats but in small quantities with lots of proteins and vegetables, especially if your primary goal before the lockdown was to build muscle. Do you want to reduce your total energy intake in a week? This is what you should do: drink water before every meal, eat at a slower pace, decrease caffeine consumption and have green teas throughout the day. Also, you can try to have your meals in creative spaces, for example, you can sit on cushions like a yogi.
The points above show the few things that you can do to ensure that your anxiety and stress at this time is on the low.

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