Spells And Rituals That Can Be Helpful During This COVID19 Pandemic

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There are many people that believe in using magic as a way of dealing with certain significant situations. Currently, much of the world is inundated by Covid 19, a disease that is affecting millions of people. There are spells and rituals that you may want to consider doing which may become very helpful if done properly. Although the rituals that you choose, and the spells that you want to do, may not be helpful for everyone, they may help you get through this difficult time. Here is an overview of spells and rituals that might be helpful for yourself, and may also help those that may be suffering during this Covid 19 pandemic.

Why Would You Do Rituals Or Spells During A Pandemic?

The first question that you need to answer is why you may want to do spells or rituals during a pandemic. First of all, it is helpful if you have practiced magic before. If you are not a believer in casting spells, and how they may be able to affect a change, this would probably not be helpful at all. However, if you are a regular practitioner that has cast spells in the past, you may want to consider crafting one that is designed for this specific purpose. In this case, you could come up with a couple different ones. The first would be designed to help protect you and your family. The second would be more generalized, perhaps targeting how everyone will be eventually free from this Covid 19 virus.

A Covid 19 Spell And Ritual For Individuals

First of all, you will want to gather certain ingredients and components that will be helpful for this type of spell. Most people that are practitioners understand that magic is nothing more than intention. They also understand that the herbs, and physical items used during a spell, are a way of manifesting a change. Some of the components will include Rosemary, salt, a candle, and an altar if you have one. Rosemary is designed for providing protection. You could also use Sage if you want to first vacate any potential bad energies in the room where you are casting the spell. The salt will then be placed in a circle around the area where you will be casting the spell. This will prevent any stray negative energies or entities from coming in. The candle will be used for the visualization process. This spell should be cast for a period of seven days. It should be done for at least 20 minutes a day. You may also want to add additional herbs including which may include mugwort, St. John‘s wort, and Juniper.

What About Spells And Rituals For Helping To End Covid 19

Benedictum Stick Incense St. John Of The Lakes
Benedictum Stick Incense St. John Of The Lakes

The same type of set up would be used when casting a spell to address Covid 19. You will want to use a protection spell, but you may also want to use one that can go after the virus itself. Initially, you will do the protection spell, one that will be cast to protect the people of the world. To make it stronger, your ritual can last longer, along with your visualization, plus a few additional herbs. This will include elderberries, bay, fennel, and hyssop. All of these have been shown to provide protection for people at a distance. You will need to get certain stones that can help you with a spell that can affect a positive change on the virus. In this case you will need agate which can help with strengthening your visualization and Amber which can enhance your overall power because it is related to the element of fire. Opal should also be part of your ritual. It is a healing stone. Finally, you will need in onyx stone that will be able to absorb all of that negative energy, allowing you to help promote a version of reality that is better for everyone.

Using rituals and spells are typically easier to cast for yourself for people that you know. Sympathetic magic always works that way. However, the more empathetic that you are, the easier it will be to transmit that energy to the world around you. Even so, it’s helpful to use the proper herbs and stones that will enable you to enhance your abilities. In addition to the stones that were mentioned, you may also want to include an amethyst crystal for healing as well as a quartz crystal which is useful for directing and enhancing intention. The length of your spells and rituals can last as long as you want. You can typically feel the energy starting and stopping. As long as you are focused on what you are intending with these items, you may be able to affect a positive change in regard to Covi

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