How To Properly Use A Spiritual Spray To Manifest Your Intention

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There are many spiritual healers that will use what is called spiritual spray in order to help manifest their intentions. The same is true for those that are trying to manifest other things in their life. This could be love, money, or a new job. The reason that spiritual sprays can actually positively affect your intentions is because of the aromas that they will produce. These are often made of different oils that can lead to your brain are operating at certain frequencies that are conducive to the manifestation process. Here is how you can properly use spiritual spray to manifest your intentions.

An Overview Of The Manifestation Process

Although there are many different ways that you can focus on manifesting things into your life, there are some very basic attributes that will always be the same. First of all, the items that you are trying to manifest should be clear in your mind. You need to believe that what you want is already here. Second, you need to do this at a specific place every day, at a specific time, as this tends to help improve your chances of manifesting anything. Finally, you need to realize that you are the observer, which means you will not have any thoughts of outcome regarding that which you are attempting to manifest. So how do spiritual sprays contribute to the manifestation process?

An Overview Of Spiritual Sprays

Indio Aerosol Spray High John The Conqueror
Indio Aerosol Spray High John The Conqueror

There are quite a few spiritual sprays that are produced in the world today. Most of them use very similar components. One of the most common is a sacred smudge spray which is made with Sage. It is designed to remove any negative energy that may be permeating where you are living or staying. It should certainly be used prior to manifesting anything, especially the specific spot where you will be focused on the manifestation process. Second, you can use spiritual sprays that have citrus which are often used in rituals which can remove bad spirits and purify the area. Finally, it is important to be protected and have clarity when you are manifesting anything. This can lead to increased amounts of good luck as well. Although this is typically done with some type of charm or amulet, there are certain oils that can help you achieve the same objective. This would include using sprays with lavender, frankincense, and chamomile. You should also add a dash of peppermint. All of these oils are intricately connected to bringing balance and providing protection, along with adding clarity to your mind for manifestation purposes.

The Best Spiritual Sprays To Use

Indio Aerosol Spray Come To Me
Indio Aerosol Spray Come To Me

The best ones are simply those that are relative to what you are trying to manifest. Each of these will be accompanied by your affirmations and your intentions. The five that you should always have include sage, lemon, Ylang Ylang, frankincense, and lavender. By using all of these, you will ensure that your area will be cleansed, and your mind will be clear, to focus on what you want to manifest. If you want to, you can combine all of these to create a very potent spiritual spray that will help you manifest what you want in life.

You can find many different companies that sell these oils and mix them yourself. There are also the businesses that produce spiritual sprays for each specific purpose. Regardless of which direction you go in, you need to know that the aromas produced by these sprays are going to help you manifest what you want. By cleansing the area, protecting yourself, and clearing your mind, you will have the best possible chance of manifesting what you desire.

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