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How To Do A Spiritual Healing During This COVID19 Pandemic

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COVID19 has been ravaging the world for under a year. There are a few medical experts that believe a cure will be found quickly. It is a virus that mutates, making it even more difficult to find a solution. It is also spread very easily, especially in enclosed areas by people that do not wear masks. In certain parts of the world, there is a social division, prompting many people to believe falsely that social distancing and wearing a mask is unhelpful. It is because of these false beliefs, contrary to science, that stopping the prolific spread of this virus may be much harder than first imagined. Fortunately, there are some spiritual possibilities that may offer a potential remedy for what this disease is currently doing. Here is an overview of how you can do a spiritual healing that may offer something positive during this COVID19 pandemic that we are all experiencing.

Science Versus Spiritual Solutions

Science as a few drawbacks in regard to this virus. Not all of them are indicative of science itself. First of all, science is limited in regard to finding a solution to this virus because of how new it is. Although it greatly resembles other viruses that have come and gone, it’s spread is making this more difficult. Faster spreading means the potential for more mutations as it interacts with different people around the world. Second, not everyone is going to follow the scientific opinion of what is known through testing. If people are not willing to implement what science has to offer, though limited right now, it makes it more difficult to get a handle on this virus. Spiritual solutions, on the other hand, do not require social accord. Nor do they rely upon a scientific understanding of what this virus is or how it can be cured. It only relies upon the spiritual realm, and those that can implement spiritual healings, can do so in person and through long distance applications.

Spiritual healing begins with a feeling. This is typically grounded in some form of empathy. This is the basis for any type of spiritual healing that you do. Without it, it is difficult to focus your energy. The next part is the visualization process. Obviously, you would be thinking about a person that would be without the virus. You are trying to manifest that reality into being. Therefore, founded on empathy, and with a proper frame of mind toward each person being cured, you can then proceed with your meditation or ritual that will lead to a potential spiritual healing.

Although the idea of spiritual healing is not accepted by some people, scientific ideas on how to combat this virus are also not accepted by the masses. We can only do our own part, and if you are spiritually inclined, you may find a way to affect a positive change on those that are currently suffering. You may want to begin with placing a protection spell around yourself and your family. You may refer to this as a protective light if you are not doing Wicca. From there, you can then visualize the virus being decimated by what could be antibodies in your mind, combating this very deadly virus that so many people have succumbed to. Your objective is to help those that may get it, or that have it now, and you need to see a positive outcome. As long as you are grounded in love and empathy, your spiritual healing will have the best possible chance of protecting yourself, your family, and others.

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