A Penny For Luck Is All You Need

If you didn’t already know, you can easily control your luck with luck spells. Long gone are the days when your life needed to be tied to bad luck! With luck spells, you’ll be able to have that extra push that you’ve needed for a long time. Read on as we dive into a spiritual spell that will increase your luck!

Why live an ordinary life when you can have all the luck you need on your side? As you indulge into this spell, you’ll soon realize that everything will work out in your favor and soon you’ll be just like Midas. A luck spell will only bring your dreams closer to you.

Indio Oil Fast Luck
Indio Oil Fast Luck

Ever thought of all the good fortune that a luck penny could bring? Lucky pennies are symbolic and this spell requires a penny. The penny serves as a tool that improves your luck. It is even considered as one of the humblest tools in luck spells.

It’s best to keep in mind that if you don’t reside in America, a penny will be the lowest amount in your currency. Pennies are widely considered lucky since they’re made from copper. If you didn’t already know, copper is rather sacred since most of the Gods considered it to be a form or prosperity.

So, if you’re searching for a penny, be sure to get the shiniest one that you can. This increases the chances of your spell working. Additionally, you can also use one that has your birth year on it.

When you have the penny in your hand, rub it until it becomes warm. When the penny is warm, place it in the middle of your eyes on your forehead where your third eye is supposed to be. Now, you’ll need to say in a loud and authoritative tone, “A penny for luck“.

After you’ve done this, you’ll need to put the penny on the next fence post that you see. This allows the good luck fairies to easily find it. As you walk away, don’t look back. This gives your newfound luck a chance to radiate back to you.

When it comes to casting good luck spells, they are better done on Thursdays since it’s the best day to cast them. If you’re wondering about the moon, the waxing moon phase is also ideal for casting your spell. Additionally, there are several herbs and plants that go hand in hand with luck. Some of these are as follows:
* Apple tree
* Anise
* Dill
* Fern
* Ginger
* Iris
* Jasmine
* Sunflower

Mystical Fixed 7 Day Glass Candle Double Luck - Green
Mystical Fixed 7 Day Glass Candle Double Luck – Green

There are also gems and minerals that also bring luck into your life. Some of these are:
* Amber
* Garnet
* Cat’s Eye
* Diamond
* Jet
* Opal
* Tiger’s Eye
* Obsidian
* Topaz

As we conclude, we have just looked at the perfect spell to increase your luck. You no longer need to live in a spell of bad luck. Luck is coming your way and when you do this spell, you’re sure to have all the luck that you desire!

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