3 Spells And Rituals For Protection From Enemies

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For those that understand that the world of magic is real, it is important to protect yourself from those that would bring you harm. There are easy ways that you can protect not only yourself but those that you love, from enemies that you may have. It is easy for a practitioner to cast spells that could bring about a curse, or a jinx, that could cause problems in your life. In order to protect yourself, you will need to know three specific spells and rituals that you can do to ensure that these nefarious activities do not affect you or others.

The Binding Ceremony

Indio Incense Powder Keep Away Enemies
Indio Incense Powder Keep Away Enemies

One of the first things that you need to do, if you are aware of who is trying to bring you harm, is to bind their ability to cast spells. You may not be able to defend yourself indefinitely, but if you can prevent them from affecting you through their own magic, you can stop them from casting spells that can bring negativity into your life. There are certain elements of the spell that you will need to gather. This would include either a branch from an elderberry tree, preferably with the attached white flowers. Otherwise, elderberry oil will suffice. You will need soil, an athame, a candle, and an altar on which to work. Your visualization will revolve around binding their magic by casting it into the ground. The power of the elderberry, along with your desire to bind them, will usually suffice.

Cast Defensive Spells

In order to cast a successful defense of spell, you must first protect the place where you spend the most time. Placing salt around the perimeter of your home, apartment, or having salt in the rooms where you tend to be, is the first part of the process. For the spell, you will need frankincense oil, cedar oil, and rosemary oil if available. You should then combine this with Sage, light the sage, and allow the vapors from the aroma to permeate your location. At the same time, you must visualize white energy emanating from the earth that can surround yourself, the people that you love, and the places that you live and spend time. This will provide you with perpetual energy that can ward off additional attacks from your enemies.

A Cleansing Ritual

Indio Oil Protection From Enemies
Indio Oil Protection From Enemies

If you have been attacked, you will then need to cleanse the area that you live. Although the sage in the prior ritual can contribute to eliminating the energy from your enemy, it will not be complete. You will need to use sage once again, but this time it will be alone, allowing it to connect with protection and purification energies. You will need a quartz crystal, preferably smoky quartz, that will combine its energy with the smudge stick of sage that is smoldering simultaneously. Prior to doing this, in a cauldron, you should like the name of the person that you know to be your enemy. You may also want to use an effigy of them. This must be done prior to the sage being lit so that the smoke from that smudge stick can overwhelm the smoke from the cauldron, thus completing the cleansing ritual.

By following these simple spells and rituals for protection, you may find that their ability to affect you is greatly diminished. In some cases, your enemy may not be able to affect you again. It depends on your energy, and the focus that you have during the ritual, to enact a more lasting effect. The combination of all three of these rituals and spells will lead to protection from the enemies that you currently have.

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