5 Spells And Rituals To Make Your Love Life Successful

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Love can be a very complicated and tricky thing. Falling in love is easy, but finding someone who loves you back can be a serious challenge. And even once you’ve got that far, there’s dozens of reasons that relationships fall apart.

What if you could safeguard your love and affection through magic and intention manifestation? Many people believe that you can do just that!

We’ve gathered together five of the most effective spells and rituals to ensure that your love will be successful and long-lasting.

1. The Power Of The Written Word

Indio Oil Love Honey
Indio Oil Love Honey

Actually writing down your message of love can be a major first step toward initiating a new romance or even just getting a crush to reach out to you. It’s also one of the easiest and best beginner spells, so it’s perfect no matter your level of experience with spells and rituals.

First, wait until just before bedtime. When it’s late enough, take out a piece of paper and pen a love letter directed toward your current love interest. Don’t worry – you won’t need to send the letter! Instead, once you’ve finished, fold the letter and set your cellphone on top of it.

Now as you drift to sleep, chant this phrase: “Send these words to my love, and send me their heart.” You may need to repeat this process several nights in a row, but you’ll know it worked when the person you care about reaches out to you on your phone.

2. Rose Petals

Many spells and rituals can be performed from the comfort of your own home, but in some cases, there’s just no replacement for connecting with nature. This is one such spell.

Take a trip near a body of water – a river or lake, ideally – and bring a rose with you. When you’ve come to the water, pluck off the rose petals. Say a phrase such as, “Send me my love, just as I send these rose petals to you.” Then let the petals loose in the water. Keep the wish in your mind as you leave, and it will help bring it into being.

3. Burning Candles

7 Day Glass Candle Lovers Adam & Eve - Pink
7 Day Glass Candle Lovers Adam & Eve – Pink

A simple candle can operate as a powerful magnifying force for your intentions, which makes it a great starting point for a ritual focused on love. For this ritual, you can start with an unlit candle and communicate what you want to bring into the universe. For example, you could say (or think) the phrase, “Protect and grow my love with [lover’s name] while the candle burns low.”

Once you’ve repeated your phrase of choice several times, you should light the candle and allow it to burn down completely. This will take your wish and spread it out into the air and into the world at large.

4. Bringing Back An Ex

One of the most painful experiences in love is losing someone you’re still completely in love with. There are rituals that may help reverse this scenario, however.

Set up a small altar in your room, and place a photo of your ex-lover on that altar. While kneeling at the altar, chant a phrase of intention related to your lover. It can be something as simple as, “Return my love to me,” or you can say something longer and with more details specific to your love. What’s important is that you sincerely believe in the thoughts you’re putting out into the universe.

5. Orange Peels

There are a lot of different reagents that can add your spells and rituals, but one of the most potent is a fairly every day item that you’ve probably tossed in the trash.

First off, keep an orange peel after eating an orange and let it dry out. Once it has dried, wrap the peel into a cloth and tie that cloth with a ribbon. While holding the wrapped peel, repeat an intentional invocation, such as, “Help me to find my true love.” Place the wrapped orange peel underneath your pillow before you go to bed that night. You will have a vivid dream that helps offer answers to your question. Be sure to grab a pen and immediately write down what you dreamt about when you wake up the next morning.

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